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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mike Robitaille Interview

I just recently did an interview with former NHLer Mike Robitaille. Mike Robitaille spent his career with the Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers and, Detroit Red Wings. Robitaille's career ended after multiple injuries in 1977. Robitalle joined the Sabres Broadcast crew in 1991 and has been a part ever since. Robitaille played in 382 regular season NHL games, scoring 23 goals and adding 105 assists. Mike still resides in the Buffalo area and is part of the Sabres Alumni Association. Mike and his wife also own Robitalle Real Estate . Though Mike's career has been long over, Mike still interacts with fans in the Buffalo area and has been a fan favorite. This interview is another interview done with the help of The Puck Stops Here Please enjoy! Questions are in White and answers are in Gold!

1. What do you miss most about living in Canada?
    Nothing much---- I became a U.S. citizen 10 years ago

2. Who did you have the most fun playing with? Also who was your favorite line mate?
 Ab Demarco Jr. and my favorite defense partner was Tim Horton
3. During you career what goalie did you have a particularly hard Time scoring against?
Seemed like all of them but maybe Tony Esposito Chicago Blackhawkes
4. What is your Number 1 regret, what didn't you accomplish during your career?
 Took playing too serious and never had enough fun
5. What was the high point of your career?
 Being chosen to play in the NHL All Star game---broke my wrist a week before and couldn't play in the game ----also being chosen for the unsung hero award in the NHL
6. What is your greatest memory of hockey player?
 Being chosen the best defensmen in Jr A hockey ( Kitchener Rangers)
7. Now being a Intermission reporter, what do you miss most about the game? What has been the biggest change since your years in the NHL, compared to the NHL of today?
 Really nothing as the game didn't come easy to me. The biggest changes has been how scientific the game has become---the condition of the players---and the amount of money to be made in such as short amount of time 
8. When you were younger what NHL star did you look up to?
They were all heroes to me as I was growing up.
9. If you could meet any hockey player past or present, who would it be?
Eddie Shore
10. What former teammate/player are you closest to still today?
Larry Carriere my former defense partner with the Sabres
11. What do you like most about being an analyst for the Sabres?
Speaking and explaining the game in simple terms ----- also working for terrific owners who make decisions with morals over money
12. Growing up, what was your favorite team?
13. Do you miss playing hockey? 
Not at all---toughest job I've ever had by far
14. Do you like being part of the Sabres Alumni? 
Proud of the Alumni and so many players that have made a difference in our community.
It was another great interview and we appreciate the interview from Mike Robitaille! Stay tuned for more! 

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