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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ed O'Neil Interview

I receantly had the pleasure of interviewing Penn State and NFL alumnist Ed O'Neil! Mr. O'Neil is my football coach at my school and a really great guy to talk to! He kindly did a hand written interview for our blog so here it is:

1) When growing up, who was your biggest inspiration to play football?

       When growing up my, my biggest inspiration was my brother Dan. Dan was 2 years older but always included me in any sporting event or game he was in. As a senior in High School he was an honorable mention for the All-American team as a running back. He recieved a full athletic scholarship to play at Villanoua University.

2) What was it like to coached in college by legendary football coach Joe Paterno and what was your greatest memory of/with him?

        Being coached by Joe, who I consider, the greatest college coach of all time was an Honor. So many memories to share but that one that will stay with me happened last May when, after my father died, I recieved a handwritten letter from him in an envolope he personally wrote out the address. I had not played for him in 38 years and he had the class write a note of condolence for me.

3) What is the greatest moment you've had playing and coaching football?

       In the 38 years I've played and coached there are too many great memories to record. But, one that does stick out is while coaching at Rutgers University,beating Penn State 21-16 in 1988.

4) If you could go back and change anything in your football career, what would it be?

        As it would be for the most, the injuries that ended my career. After playing in 88 consecutive games, the injuries started and my career ended.

5) Do you still talk to any of your past teammates? If so who are you closest with?

        We still have great communication with our teammates. Nut 1973 Heismann Trophy Winner John Cappelletti is who I remain closest to.

6) You have played in the NFL and coached in both the CFL and NFL Europe. Which league did you like the most?

         All 3 leagues have their plusses. Playing in the NFL is a dream come true. Coaching in Europe allowed me and my family to see the sights of Europe they most likely would have never seen. And The CFL is so diffrent than American Football it was a great challenge.

7) Besides the two teams you played with in the NFL, what team do wish you had the chance to play for?

        The team, of course, would be the Steelers. I grew up in Westren Pa. and the fact that the Steelers won 4 Supper Bowls during the time I was in the NFL would have been NICE

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