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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alex Biega Interview!

We recently did our first interview with our new partner Caitlin (The Puck Stops Here) (Check her blog here at:  with Alex Biega! It turned out great! Here it is!

         1) Who did you look up to when you were younger?

My dad. Always working hard and never complaining. He raised four boys and Made so many sacrifices for us to succeed.
2) When you were drafted by the Buffalo Sabres, what were your emotions?
Was drafted in 2006 in the 5th round. It was one of the proudest and memorable moments to this day. Especially to be drafted by buffalo  having such rich history.
3) When you were excepted into Harvard, how did it feel?
I I was expected to hear by 2pm on a Friday I got in or not. I never received a phone call until 4pm, having someone tell me I was accepted. Just like the NHL draft, it was such a rewarding feeling for all the hard work and sacrifice that was made.
4) What is the greatest memory you've had as a hockey player?
Winning the Salisbury schools first ever New England championship. One of my brothers was on the team with me at the time which was great to share the experience with.
5) What was your favorite NHL team growing up?
Grew up in Montreal so hard not to say the Canadians
6) If you could meet any NHL player in the league (past and present), who would it be?
Would have to say Gordie Howe. Just a legend.
7)What did you major in while attending Harvard?
Sociology. Took a lot of different classes in different fields while I was there.
8) Do you know Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick considering you both attended Harvard?
I don't know him but seen him at Harvard once in the summer training for the off season. He is obviously a legend there and think he visits when he can make the trip.
9) What are your interests outside of hockey?
I'm a big movie guy and I try to learn to play the guitar from my room mate.
10) What do you like best about living/being in Rochester/Buffalo?
The fans. Avid fans who are so compassionate about their hockey.
11) Do you like any other sports besides hockey?
I played soccer all my life even in prep school. Love the sport and I can't say I don't get excited for the world cup!

         12) You attended Harvard the same time as New York Knick Jeremy Lin, did you know him? If so how well did you know him?

 I took a class with him but didn't know him that we'll. The select few times we did hang out, he is a low key and quiet guy. Great person though.

We'd like to thank Mr. Biega for a great interview! Thanks Again Alex! Great pleasure working with you!

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